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Root domain name domain, the industry's new technologies, new products, new systems, new services in-depth study and release industry reports, leading the development of the Internet domain name industry

Industry Reports

Take root in the domain industry, study and research in new technology, new products, new system, new service established with reports, leading the development of Internet domain name industry.

The report looks into the global domain name market through 4 dimensions: the global new gTLD market, new gTLD in China market, global IDN TLD market, and global new gTLD market. This report intends to provide relevant government agencies, domain name registration management institutions (registry), domain name registration service agencies (registrar), the domain name registrant and professionals, and others interested in the domain industry domain name industry with the latest data analysis, to promote the development of industry.


The continuous development of Internet technology and the continuous pursuit of better user experience is driving changes in the traditional industrial environment and profound industry chain. These changes will give the enterprise domain name service system important effects, including the infrastructure, security, business intelligence, operational capacity and business model, and so on: Firstly, the rapid growth of Internet traffic with internal business systems are forcing enterprises continuously improve the performance, disaster and safety protection ability of the domain name service system. This must be followed by TCO increase sharply; Secondly, the Internet revolution generated by new gTLDs poses challenges to the brands of Internet enterprise. At present, it is still in its infancy, how to deal with the risk related with new gTLDs cannot be ignored.

The Internet and the domain name system (DNS) successfully entered its third decade of development. Along with the high-speed development of the global Internet, as the global Internet identifier only size of the domain name system development is rapid, domain name registration, utility ratio continued rapid growth over the years. As of December 2012, there are more than 250 million domain names registered globally, of which .CN takes a total registration of 7.51 million. Despite the phenomenal growth of the Internet, the quality of the Internet has become more fundamental: it has evolved from a marginal, non-mainstream technological innovation to a global, essential infrastructure.

As of May 20, 2011, the total number of domain name servers in the world is 15,457,337, of which the authoritative domain name server is 2,852,319, and the domain name server is 12,605,018. The number of active domain name servers is 1,245,135, among which the authoritative domain name server is 561,250, and the domain name server is 683,885.


The Internet has developed into a global public infrastructure that has revolutionized the way trade, healthcare, education, and the way people communicate. And its potential is far greater than what we have seen since its inception. The domain name system and corresponding technical standards constitute the most important logical infrastructure of the Internet. The quality of the domain name system directly determines the quality of the Internet and the information society infrastructure we are going to build.


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