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One-Stop TLD Registry Service

A one-stop TLD service provider serving over 20 Registry Operators and more than 40 TLDs home and abroad
ZDNS focus on providing Brand enterprises and registry operators with simplified one-stop TLD service, coving the chain of “Consulting - MIIT Application – DNS Cloud- Integrated Operation”, aiming to provide our customers with “point to point, and end to end” full-life-cycle service, thus can better help them reduce cost and running business in China Mainland.

Being the World’s second largest and the Asia’s largest New gTLD platform, ZDNS has independently developed the TLD platform, the Name-Verification platform, and the business detecting platform / the big data analysis platform, which are now supporting over 20 registry operators and over 40 TLDs. Here below are some key cases:

Most trustworthy global 

The world’s first brand TLD to start operate

The TOP1 Chinese Character New gTLD

The world’s largest-domain-counts New gTLD  




Our flexible, stable, highly available TLD platforms and services aim to help Registries better run global business
ZDNS EPP domain name registration system is in strict compliance with the requirements of ICANN and IANA and internationally accepted technical standards, which can keep good supporting and cooperation to the relevant RFC and interface system, and its service availability is of 99.9%, far exceeding ICANN international standards, therefore overseas registries can get into a dual hosting model to achieve compliance within China Mainland.
ZDNS DNS uses globally distributed service nodes with 100% service availability, and its resolution speed and delivery speeds both exceed ICANN's SLA requirements. ZDNS DNS is absolutely the leader in the New gTLD market.


Why Choose ZDNS One-stop TLD Service ?

The first commercial TLD management service platform to dual-comply with ICANN and MIIT
ZDNS TLD management service platform not only totally meet the all requirements for all systems and security listed in China’s Regulations in Internet Domains industry, but also meet all kinds of ICANN ‘s international standards and requirements, thus our platform can guarantee our customers a long-term stable service.
Relying on our senior expert team and professional technical team, and our nearly 20 years of mature experience in domain name service field and the successful practice of undertaking a number of national projects, ZDNS has independently designed, built and ran a series of technical systems which has taken full account of our service's high availability, scalability, performance requirements and safety. The service of our technical platforms covers domain name registration, domain name resolution, real-name verification and so on, thus we provide our customer with a 24 * 7 * 365 supporting services.
ZDNS TLD cloud platform supports multi-languages, including Chinese, English, French, Russian, Arabic, Spanish, German, Japanese and other languages, which has already connected with 170 registrars in more than 40 countries and regions globally.


Our omni-directional and visual operation statistical platform aims to provide big data support for registries’ business decisions
We provide operations statistical / supporting platform for registries and registrars in the global market with our powerful configuration management functions and rich operation management functions, to meet our customers’ management needs of TLD configuration, financial management and real-name query of domain names.
At the same time, our platform provides reliable and effective big data support for the business development decision makers on TLD operation, which is achieved by collecting and analyzing real-time domain name related data to present an abundant statistical data, charts and other visual data analysis reflecting market trends.


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