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ZDNS Cloud
DNS products trusted by the world’s most admired digital brands

ZDNS Cloud provides managed DNS for the world’s largest and most admired web properties and digital brands. Behind this service is one of the largest, fastest, and most resilient DNS networks in the world. Over 1,000 enterprises, including preeminent digital brands like 12306, ifeng, Suning, Youku,Ctrip,CNR and Chinadaily are powered by Dyn’s DNS solutions.

DNS Overview

This is the DNS you’ve been looking for. Managed DNS built on a battle-proven network, backed by unparalleled DNS domain expertise, extreme system scalability and 24 x 7 x 365 customer support. We’re proud to have set the standard for modern DNS performance and uptime for over 10 years.
Boost the performance and reliability of your online applications, delivering superior user experiences across the globe with the world’s most responsive and resilient managed DNS service. Streamline administration with our easy-to-use management portal and advanced logging and reporting tools. With our cloud-based service you won’t have to buy hardware, install software or hire more IT personnel—plus new features and capabilities are delivered right in the cloud. We keep current with the latest DNS technology (DDoS mitigation, IPv6, DNSSEC, etc.) so you don’t have to.

DNS services designed for today’s internet

Why ZDNS Cloud?

DNS performance matters. For modern sites and applications, DNS resolution can account for up to 30% of site load time. ZDNS Cloud is consistently at the top of the league table for DNS performance. We respond to DNS queries in less than 100 milliseconds worldwide, and propagate DNS records across the globe in under a minute. If your company runs on the web, faster DNS performance translates directly to better user experiences, improved customer loyalty and increased revenues.

Our global anycast network of multiple data centers are strategically located across multiple continents and leverages a mix of redundant internet transit providers for ultimate resiliency. Specifically architected to absorb and mitigate DNS DDoS attacks, our world-class network is monitored around the clock. All of this network resilience is built and managed by one of the largest and most experienced teams of DNS experts.

We intelligently route user traffic using internet performance data from over 200 collection points across the globe. Every day we gather and analyze, and make traffic optimization decisions to help our customers improve user experiences and contain costs. This data set gives ZDNS Cloud the ability to deliver intelligent responses to DNS queries based on policies, geo-location and network latency.

Consistent, industry-leading performance

World’s most comprehensive internet performance data set

Battle-tested reliability and security

· Industry-leading DNS response times worldwide
· Industry-leading DNS propagation times
· Hundreds of sensors collecting data elements daily
· Highly resilient network with four tier-1 transit providers per PoP
· Battle-proven DDoS mitigated expertise built in at no extra cost
· Continuously improving geolocation accuracy

Managed DNS built on a battle-proven network


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