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Registry Cloud


With senior specialists and professional technical team, based on over 20 years experience in China Domain Name Industry, ZDNS has developed TLD Registry Cloud Technical System (“Registry Cloud”), which includes several critical services such as EPP, Whois, DNS, DNSSEC and Data escrow. Registry Cloud is highly available, extensible and secure with 24*7*365 bilingual services (English and Chinese) provided.
In complying with relevant laws and regulations in China as well as ICANN technical specifications and requirements, Registry Cloud Platform is connected to 180+ registrars from more than 40 countries and regions.


Functions and Advantages

High Available Shared Registration System (SRS/EPP)

High Availability > 99.9%, far beyond ICANN Requirement

High Performance: TPS is over 3800, 45000-55000 Transactions/Second at the transaction peak

Supporting Internationalized Domain Name (IDNs) registration with Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Arabic, Cyrillic, French and German

Connected with 180+ Registrars from 40+ Countries and Regions



Leading DNSSEC Technology is adopted, 3000 TPS Ultrafast Signatures, up to 15,000 Key Storage

Daily DNS Traffic reaches 324 Millions

Global Distributed Anycast Network with 100% High Availability

+10 Million QPS DNS Resolution Capability

Stable and Reliable WHOIS

High Performance: Console QPS reaches 4000, Query Peak reaches 16000-27000 times/second

Remote Disaster Recovery: seamless Whois service switch in case of single point failure

Advanced WHOIS Performance Monitoring Platform


Dual-backend Registry Platform (DRP)

 First choice for International Registries to enter Chinese Market

Professional Consultation team to help International Registries operate in China in compliance with local regulations

Connected with oversea backend Neustar, Centralnic and Nomine etc.

24*7*365 Customer Support

National Standard Information Security Measures

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